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Safety Experience Hall-Immersion Safety Education

Real-life simulation of various operational risks at the production site of an enterprise, immersive training, through code scanning experience, automatic statistics of training experience records, online assessment and evaluation, automatic generation of training records, and self-printing of personal training files.

1. Project introduction

The safety experience hall can provide employees with a brand-new safety education experience, through real-life simulations for safety concept guidance, safety knowledge popularization, safety skills training and safety culture dissemination. The self-developed safety experience hall management system can conduct intelligent statistics, online evaluation, and track and record the entire experience process of the trainees.

Anyi Technology provides one-stop services such as overall planning of various safety training and education experience halls, customized development of experience projects, installation and construction, and personnel training.

2. Application case

Zhenjiang New District Safety Experience Hall Changhe Chemical Base provides employees with a brand-new safety education experience, focusing on occupational protection, electrical safety, chemical emergency, artificial first aid, fire rescue, etc., through real-world simulations for safety concept guidance, safety knowledge popularization, and safety Skills training and safety culture dissemination.

3. Experience process

3.1 Scan code to sign in

Scan the QR code at the entrance to sign in, register, and interact intelligently to realize the training and assessment of the intelligent experience hall.

3.2 Participate in the experience

The real scene simulates various operational risks at the production site of the enterprise, immersively, and enhances the training effect.

3.3 Online assessment

Scan the code to participate in the online assessment of the experience project, bid farewell to the paper-based examination paper answering, statistics, and filing.

3.4 Smart Statistics

Automatically count experience records, generate training files, and intelligently analyze experience effects.

3.5 Self-printing

Trainees can self-print their personal training files.

Changhe Experience Hall Project Details

NO. Experience name Function Remarks
1 Safety protection products display Display common labor protection equipment, inform the correct use method, and experience the use of labor protection equipment.  
2 Safety signs Display common safety signs and learn about various safety signs  
3 Lockout experience Master the concept of LOTO lockout, familiar with various safety locks and usage scenarios  
4 Leakage plugging experience under pressure Master the commonly used plugging tools; choose the corresponding plugging tools according to different leak points to experience the plugging under pressure.  
5 Falling from height Experience the weightlessness of accidental fall when working at height, and be familiar with the correct use of seat belts  
6 Heavy goods handling experience Through different heavy load handling experience, education handling skills and cargo stacking safety requirements, inform that wrong handling posture will cause physical injury and other accidents  
7 Forklift operation experience Through the operating lever and the display screen, the forklift operation can be simulated, and forklift operation practice, competition, etc. can be performed  
8 Fire experience Common fire equipment display, experience the use of fire equipment  
9 Safe electricity experience Various switch boxes, switch instructions, demonstrations of common electric hazards, alarm demonstrations of leakage and overload, and experience the feeling of electric shock  
10 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation experience Dummy simulation to train employees in emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills  
11 Hidden danger investigation experience Show the comparison between common hidden dangers and normal conditions, so that participants can intuitively understand common hidden dangers and hidden danger inspection standards in enterprise production  

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