Concentrating on phosphite antioxidants for 30 years

CHPHOS® DPP Diphenyl Phosphite

Product Introduction CAS No.:4712-55-4
Molecular weight:234
Structural formula:
Quality index Appearance:Colorless Transparent Liquid
Refractive index(25℃):1.5530-1.5560
Package 220KG Plastic Drum
Application PVC、PO、UPR、lubricant、organic synthesis
Application Description A high phosphorus content and high activity diarylphosphite antioxidant, widely used in polyolefins, resin synthesis, lubricants, etc., to improve light resistance and color stability. Used for the synthesis of unsaturated polyester resin, it can effectively improve the color of the synthesized resin. This product can also be used as a PVC stabilizer to improve its initial color and has good anti precipitation performance. The use of lubricants can effectively improve the antioxidant and wear resistance of the oil.
Suggested dosage: 0.1~1.0%

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